Verse – mobile payment app: the triumphal cash entry into virtual universe

Verse - mobile payment app: the triumphal cash entry into virtual universe

Good ideas come to stay and when they are challenged they grow. Such is the case of the exchange of capital in a direct form that is reborn nowadays in an instrument like Verse – mobile payment app.

Interchange of goods concerning two parties had been confined for centuries to give-and-take of species. In the beginning the trade of merchandises did not necessarily correspond to identical economic values. Subsequently it was managed by cash, generally belonging to the same currency.

Evolution of know-how opened a niche to financial operations, which have been making their way from a bitter skepticism to processes reinforced by banking platforms full of security mechanisms. These tools ultimately end up annoying users more than helping them.

Something representing an electronic version of cash trades was needed. And today we can enjoy it through a technology whose efficiency has conquered masses: smart cell phones. This device is presently as an extension of the person. It has occupied spaces that began as the possibility of communicating at any time and place, to all the versatilities it lends us for our comfort, currently.

Already economic procedures in this segment, had not been touched in the past, have begun to fill up and Verse was born. It is an app that allows the exchange of real money between people by means of their phones. Europe now has a Spanish program, which saves us of having to carry coins or bills for simple operations of each day.

Undoubtedly this service will be taken into consideration for everybody in the short term, because it is developed from the point of view of the final user. It permits managing dinero without the hassles of banking security, even if it does not mean there is no confidence about the transactions. Welcome Verse to financial world, and for sure the best it can offer is still to be seen.

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