Transport yourself to the Renaissance Era

Transport yourself to the Renaissance Era

In 1492, Christopher Columbus was looking for the perfect place to settle the first city in the New World. Looking for years the perfect location, on August 5th, 1496; Columbus’ son founded La Nueva Isabela in honor of Isabella I of Castile.

City, which later would be renamed with the name of Santo Domingo, in honor of the Castilian priest and founder of the Dominican Order.

The capital and largest city in Dominican Republic, besides being 521 years old; in 1990 UNESCO declared it as a World Heritage Site. So, if you are a person which loves historical places and relaxation at the same time; Santo Domingo is the perfect place for you to go in this summer vacations.

 Stay in a Santo Domingo Resort that brings you all the comfort you have ever dreamt. A room in front of the Caribbean Sea with amazing food, perfect climate, surrounded by an exotic and unique culture with beautiful traditions. Santo Domingo has numerous museums, parks and recreational areas like Jardín Botánico Nacional or the Zona Colonial (the most important place in the city).

It is an aboveground and subterranean paradise, due to the fact that it counts with vast lakes, huge trees, the Ozama River which connects with the sea and which influences the city’s economic development and the growth of trade during the colonial times as nowadays.

Everything that has to do with Santo Domingo will be intriguing and interesting, Santo Domingo Resort besides providing all commodities to you, has the best interest in you to get to know the old Nueva Isabella and go into the Renaissance mood.

“Santo Domingo is history. That was the thought accompanied me along all the trip to San Domingo”