Trains from Nimes

Trains from Nimes

Nimes is a train station of the French line located within the city of Nimes, in the prefecture of the department of Gard, in the Occitan or western region of France. In its days of glory this city was an important colony of the Roman Empire, today it is known by the old monuments that it still shows in good state of conservation. 

Among these ancient treasures is the Arena of Nimes, a two-story amphitheater dating from approximately 70 A.D. that is still used for concerts and bullfights. There is also the white limestone Roman temple Maison Carrée and the 2000 year old three-level aqueduct of the Pont du Gard. This is why it is a very visited tourist destination.

But you can also find medieval palaces and Christian temples. The pleasant lifestyle of this city can be experienced in its wide avenues, its pleasant urban environment and its famous amphitheater.

Arriving or leaving Nimes Station is an experience

Therefore it is normal to see that from its most important center of public transport  trains from nimes You go out daily to different destinations in Europe and where many travelers come to learn more about this city with just over 140,000 inhabitants being the twentieth French city by its population representing what is called the city of provinces.

Nimes is known for its festivities, since it enjoys that mythical sun of the Midi that so much attracts and attracts French and foreigners by the legendary national road 7 (Route nationale 7). Small, but lively and pleasant, and finally full of history, festivities and traditions and, of course, typical products to taste.

The festivities, or “Ferias” (in Spanish), where the bulls, their origin and the Roman monuments are the topics of this province, which most characterizes it without leaving aside the crocodile that is its symbol. Nimes, although it is not the bustling Marseille, nor the elegant Montpellier, nor the walled Avignon, shares a rich sun, a certain peaceful calm among its inhabitants and a wonderful ancient architecture like few cities in the world.

Back by train

There are many destinations that can be reached from Nimes by boarding the train at the station located in this city, being more than 20, the places that can be reached throughout Europe. It also has 9 connections as they are: Brussels, Cannes, Frankfurt, Genoa, London, Seville, Strasbourg, Valencia and Disneyland Paris.