The Spanish best golf course

Spanish best golf course

Spain is known for several aspects that every country desires to have, such as excellent climate, good food, beautiful landscapes, great history, and diverse architecture. All of these features not only make this country an ideal place for tourism, but also the best place for playing golf. For a long time people around the world have traveled to Spain in order to play golf, based on their experience the Spanish best golf course is located at Real Club Valderrama because of its history, holes and environment, and club house.

For one thing, Real Club Valderrama has been operating since 1974. After Mr. Jaime Ortiz founded the club with its current name, it has been continually improved over the years by massive constructions of golf course. Thenceforth, Real Club Valderrama has been the home of important events, such as VOLVO Masters (1988-1996, 2002-2008), Ryder Cup 1997, AMEX World Championships (1999-2000), Andalucía MASTERS (2010-2011), and the exciting Spanish OPEN 2016.

Furthermore, the main attraction of this club is its golf course. The golf course consists of 18 holes, each of them with interesting and challenging Par. The holes are named according to the landscape or natural difficulty involved. For instance, Hole 2 – The Tree, reassembles that trees will be a complication for golf players. Hole 7 – Scenic View, gives golf players a 360° view of a beautiful landscape. The club also offers a Driving Range and a magnificent Putting Green.

This club is also known for its care and obligation to the environment; therefore, it has received a worldwide recognition for environmental excellence. Real Club Valderrama is committed to preserve its large wildlife which includes, badgers, wood mice, woodchat Schrikes, Southern Marsh Frogs, Stripe-necked terrapins, Eagle Owls, Golden Orioles, Pee Family Butterflies, and Chaffinch.

Beyond offering the Spanish best golf course, there is no other club house like Valderrama’s. It presents traditional cuisine with a marvelous surroundings demonstrating pure elegance. Additionally, it has a clothing and accessory store that offers a large variety of products and combine tradition, excellent design, and the best golf accessories and prices. It also has an online shopping store in response of the high demand of its goods.

In conclusion, Spain presents a huge quantity of features that make the country one of the best choices of the world in terms of tourism. However, considering that the best golf course is located in this country there is no reason why not visit it next summer.