Santo Domingo, the perfect place to travel as a couple

Santo Domingo, the perfect place to travel as a couple

One of the few great things that we could do to improve ourselves is to travel, to have the opportunity of visit another country and learn a little bit more about something that’s different from our own perspectives, is a very nourishing activity, now imagine doing all of that but with a partner; the outcome is incredible.

Having that special someone with whom we can travel is priceless, so that is why we have chosen Santo Domingo as the perfect place to travel with your couple.

Whether you go to the capital of the Dominican Republic for vacation and relaxation or adventure, this Caribbean paradise will leave you both craving for more.

Santo Domingo, or “La Capital” as it’s typically called by the local people, is a collage of cultures and neighborhoods.

It’s where the sounds of the Dominican life seem to be made; domino pieces slapped on the tables, mufflers and horns from the chaotic traffic, merengue and bachata blasting from the speakers of the corner stores.

And at the heart of the city, the Colonial Zone, where you’ll find one of the oldest churches in the world and the oldest surviving European fortress. There you can find guides that offers interesting and informative walking tours of the Colonial Zone, this would be an ideal activity for you to do with your significant other, because the things you will learn about Santo Domingo will be priceless.

Tours cover the most important buildings in the zone and can be tailored to your specific interests. Walks typically last 2½ hours and cost between US$20 and US$30, so you and your partner can make an itinerary of which parts of the city you are interested the most and then just go for that special tour.

Another great place for the two of you to visit is the Catedral Primada de América, there is so much history in this place. The first stone of this cathedral, the oldest standing in the Western hemisphere, was set in 1514 by Diego Columbus, son of the great explorer Cristopher Columbus, (the ashes of the father and the son supposedly once resided in the chapel’s crypt). Construction, however, didn’t begin until the arrival of the first bishop, Alejandro Geraldini, in 1521. From then until 1540, numerous architects worked on the church and the surrounding buildings, which is why the vault is Gothic, the arches Romanesque and the ornamentation baroque. A great mixture of styles if you’re into architecture.

And, if you two are looking for something extra than just history, then the answer to that will be the beaches, the words fall short when trying to describe the beauty of its beaches, they’re just breathtaking.

There you can find a romantic hotel in Santo Domingo where you can be alone without anyone bothering you and thus enjoy a romantic evening while the beautiful beach and the calm sea are the only witnesses.

Santo Domingo is perfect for a travel with your love one, visit this incredible city and let love ignite itself.