Romanian chicken meat

Romanian chicken meat

Since 1978 people are making a lifestyle from growing and feeding chicken at their homes in order to have products like eggs and meat. With these being said, there have been two generations that had the opportunity to taste and eat poultry meat grown at their homes. After some decades people started their own businesses with raising chicken for making profit after selling the products obtained from them.

The population in Romania sums up a number of almost 19 millions of people and according to the National Institute of Statistics anually there are killed almost 267 millions of animals for their meat, from this, the number of 266 millions consists only in chicken risen for it. Making some calculations, the number of killed chicken anually for their meat and grown up for eggs is bigger than the romanian population 14 times.

Actually, the chicken which are grown in local businesses in order to sell Romanian chicken meat in our country and abroad are the descendants of the wild chicken which used to live near people a long time ago. Nowadays, for making profit by producing and selling chicken products, people created some hybrid breeds of chicken which are getting at the obesity at a young age and those who live only for making eggs are living a long life. Even though these changes had happened in time, the behavior of chicken remained the same, and also these chicken grown up in farms need to dig in the ground, jump and stay on high places.

They also need to be feed and grown up with a lot of healthy food received from the fertilized grounds. Also our company LaProvincia started to create a big importance for feeding the chicken with food with no preservatives and other toxic substances, and this is why we are making our own production of plants and grains. We also are very attentive and take care about having all the European certifications for modern retail activities and also for meat production.

Nowadays LaProvincia has a large number of farms and a lot of chain stores, also received all the modern retail certifications and all our products can be found in almost every local chain store. Because we had the support of our past clients who gave us a positive feedback for the taste of our chicken products, now they are exported and sold in other 8 european countries.

We wish to accomplish every goal we decided for our company with a lot of professionalism and deliver the best products to the local market and the external one anytime.