Plastic container: comparing store sacks

plastic container

Think of the most versatile material ever discovered or produced until now. It is obtained through an industrial process called polymerization that generates a lot of different goods useful for an uncountable number of services. It means, from it can be gotten a plastic container, bag, box, folder and much more.

Of course, the reference is about the marvelous element manufactured from petroleum and the immense creativity of the human beings. It can be strong as it is used to make tables and chairs, for instance or as soft as required for a nylon stockings or a grocery sack.

What do you prefer plastic or paper?

It could be unbelievable but the last is better for the surroundings. It helps to prevent environmental contamination. It is cheaper, conserves energy and so on. These are some reasons why it is the optimal alternative being at the supermarket check-out line.

But perhaps certain explanations are necessary. Plastic bags:

  • Save money because 2000 units placed on each other create a column of only 7.25 inches height, while the equivalent one is elevated up to 7.5 feet. It means a truck of the first transports the same quantity of seven items of the second. It is evidently major fuel oil consumption.
  • Unit production cost is 0.25 cent vs. 3 cents. Therefore, consumers and shop owners protect the capital using them.
  • Are practical, that is to say, they can be used for several things once at home. To collect kitchen and bathroom garbage, to put used piece of clothes during trips, to keep liquid bottles safe avoiding they soak the rest, to separate wet outfit pieces of dry ones after gym, etc.
  • Are more resistant and ease to carry. For example, you can hold five of these ones simultaneously compared to two of those ones. They help to remove grocery shopping faster from the car.

Brown bags are made of virgin paper by procedures that pollute water, emit dioxins into the atmosphere and take the life of valuable trees. It is easy to choose flexible colored sacks, if you do not mind the environment, at least due to their mentioned benefits.