Pay instantly by mobile: a tool for the daily life

Pay instantly by mobile: a tool for the daily life

Seeing how speedily know-how is progressing, often in just few months, ideas that would previously be evaluated as fanciful and impossible, such as intangible economic transactions, are now a simple request of applying logic to the problems we sometimes face and the possessed resources to solve them.

What is the situation that is resolved with this particular method? Due to the accelerated pace of modern life and its fast and agile economy, acquiring a product or service is something you always want to do lacking of hesitation or waste of time. But that inevitably happens when, for example:

  • You must go to the bank to withdraw large amounts of cash.
  • A group decides to jointly cover the expense for their food or entertainment, and each insists on compensating its share.
  • If in a rush or neglect one leaves without the wallet and is then too late to disentangle it comfortably.

There is other thing to analyze, and it is the increasingly common tendency to consider the cellphone as an extension of oneself. In fact having it close to you is a necessity and many people have started to feel anxiety if they forget the device at home or even in the next room, making them unable to consult their social networks and games.

So, seeing these two factors together, it was only a matter of time for someone to think about programming a pay instantly by mobile financial application, and sell it to the public. This allows having easy access to money and more comfort in certain situations.

Note these is not intending to replace different methods of payment: barter, coins, bills, debit and credit cards; but, simply seeks to add a tool to the already wide range of options available to manage trades, and incidentally, give another practical app to smartphones, increasing its real value.

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