Luxury holidays to Thailand – A nice country to visit in Asia

Luxury holidays to Thailand – A nice country to visit in Asia

Considering Southeast Asia as your next tourist destination, one of the countries you should think about is Thailand. This amazing nation, which fascinating capital is Bangkok, limits with Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia, among others. With more than 500 thousand of square kilometers and around 70 million of inhabitants it occupies worldly the 50th position by total area and the 21st respect to the population.

Its original name was Siam, a curious story. It was changed to Prathet Thai the first time in 1939, which could be translated as “Free People Country”:

  • Prathet means country
  • Thai is free or freedom.

However for simplicity it was called Thailand or land belonging to Thai. It is entitled as “the country of the healthy smile” too because its people are warm, nice and hospitable.

This region lived a fast economic growth between the years 1985 and 1996. Currently it is a freshly industrialized nation and an important exporter. Manufacturing and agriculture have a significant manifestation too. Similarly tourism provides considerably to the national economy. Here there are more than 2 million of immigrants and expatriates from developing republics are also attracted.

Take luxury holidays to Thailand and know this fantastic millenary culture. Include in your itinerary the ancient, natural and cultural Bangkok known as “the land of treasures and history”. Additionally, if you are fascinated by adventure go to the north and enjoy the varied tribal minority groups and arboreal mountains. The southern delicious sandy coastlines and tropical islands offer diving, nocturnal life, archaeological venues, interesting museums and more.

The Tai gastronomy is one of its main attractions characterized by the strong presence of the basic flavors (sweet, spicy, sour, bitter and salty), all deliciously combined to take you to the sky back and forth. The fundamental product is rice and the plates are seasoned with garlic, chilies, lemon and lime juice, coriander and others.

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