Looking for a good result on the first hole in the Spanish best golf course?

The incidence of the first holes in the Spanish best golf course significantly influence the development of the entire round of golf so a good result in the hole 1 begin to positively influence the next hole and so on. Just make sure that you use the best ball for each hole as we are sure that place them in the middle of the street, using the following recommendations.

Do not hurry placing the tee, place it in the correct height, no matter how many people may be there, let’s take our time to align properly and if we are going to take some risk, certainly not recommended for the 1st tee, must be sure which is the best area to fail. Make sure the logistics works well: no more than 14 clubs in the bag, enough balls have enough tees both high and low, it is a marker for the green and manages piques.

It must also be a package with drinks for hydration and it is recommended to carry something light to eat during the round. Think of all these details that have nothing to do directly with the skill as a player but with his intelligence to plan events that will influence your round of golf.

Sticks are key to learning to play golf. Player height is crucial to choose the length of the club, the higher is the person, and the longer the stick can be used. Among the keys to learning to play golf, it is also analyzing the size of the hands of each person, since the grip must be adapted and there are different size. A very large or very small grip, can lead to technical problems arise.

Although sometimes flexibility cane stick is not taken as one of the keys to learn to play golf, if it is important to consider that aspect because it will facilitate knowledge for beginners. Remember that a rigid stick slows your coup, it is best to use a flexible tool, senior type, because it will reach the desired speed, the results of the game will depend on this.