Essentials to start playing golf Marbella

There is something more difficult to take the first step in any aspect of life? Golf is no exception. Start playing golf is difficult but not impossible. Have no doubt that once you hit the ball well and can watch it fly for a few seconds will understand that all the effort made sense. There is a single key to learn to play golf Marbella: practice.

Physical exercise. Another myth that revolves around golf: anyone can play without getting tired or sweaty. On average, it takes between 3 and 4hours to play 18 holes. All that is discounted at that time are the moments we stop to hit the ball. For that reason to do physical exercise to reach 18 holes in the best way and that fatigue does not influence our swing. Keep the muscles worked also will help a lot to improve our golf.

Do not buy golf clubs until you know what you need. Every play is different. Golf clubs are not like a pair of sneakers that if we have the waist and are pretty buy them. Here you need to perform what is called “fitting” where through computers and sensors we analyze our swing and based on the results we provide guidance on the sticks that best suit our game. Do not feel the need to buy sticks or good start and if you do, buy a cheaper or used one.

It is essential to take golf lessons. We know that on TV is very simple to swing, holing a putt of 10 feet or hit the ball out of the middle of a bunker, well friends, this is much more complicated than they imagine. We recommend taking golf lessons because that is where they can learn the technique of swing and how each body part it works. Arms not only do the job but hips play a fundamental role in the golf swing, legs, wrists, shoulders, head.

Do not lose patience in the first blows, remember that all golfers have ever gone through that situation. From the outset they should work with concentration, temperance and brain. Golf is a sport where the slightest error can lead to losing the round.