Espadrilles shoes for man: to relax and enjoy the rest of the day

Espadrilles shoes for man: to relax and enjoy the rest of the day

After a long and tiring working period people only want to go back, getting a relaxing warm bath and wearing comfortable clothes. Espadrilles shoes for man have superior portion made with canvas, cotton or another type of fabric and a flexible sole of rope, grass or sometimes rubber molded in imitation of string. They are suitable for dressing informally or just to be at home.

This style of shoe called “alpargatas”, in Spanish, is secured to foot by means of an elastic strip sewn to the textile or in the case of some for women, with ribbons that are braided by the leg. They are safe to walk because do not slip on the floor and result easily transportable when traveling due to its weight and width.

Term “espadrille” comes from French which is derived from the Catalan word “espardenya”. With this name are also known slippers in this dialect. Alpargatas are commonly used especially in Catalonia and the Basque country, the south of France and several countries in Latin America, such as Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela where belong to traditional costumes of the region too.

It is certainly unknown what the origin of popular espadrille is but some believe that Egyptian sandal may have been its predecessor. In Europe they are mentioned for the first time in a document of 1322 written in Catalan. And curiously in America they were used even before the conquest. In this continent they are part of peasant or rural worker clothing, useful to dress under rain for its ability to dry very quickly.

At present, it is a fresh footwear whose use has been extended as an informal garment for the warmest season of the year. It adapts to base shape allowing freedom of movement to perform different activities indoors or outdoors. With great variety of designs available nowadays besides being cozy they become a pleasant option to the sight.

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