Enjoy Puerto Plata in the upcoming holidays

Enjoy Puerto Plata in the upcoming holidays

Embracing in activities that you can do with your family are always a good idea, and there is nothing more fun to do with the people you love than traveling.

Traveling is always a very nourishing experience but doing it with your partner and children’s is beyond amazing, besides the point of the whole family learning new things together, discovering new places will be a memory no one in the family will never forget.

Choose a destination that can fit the needs of your family members, and start planning right away your holiday vacations, if spending time with your loved ones is the goal, the Christmas celebration and the winter break would be the perfect holidays for doing that.

If Christmas is already about being with the people you love the most, imagine that but in a completely unknown country. There are many options for you to choose to vacation, but there’s one destination that is always a great idea, a sunny dreamy beach.

And if we start talking about gorgeous beaches, there is a country that has the bests, of course we are talking about the Dominican Republic, this Caribbean paradise will have everything you need for having the greatest time, and there’s one place to prove it, its name is Puerto Plata.

Puerto Plata is one of the more complete destinations of the Dominican Republic, its white sand beaches are something out of this world, Victorian style houses light up the center of the city and its historical zone is beyond real.

If you and your family want to visit something more than just spectacular beaches, go to the Mountain of Isabel de Torres, the view will blow your mind, in here you can practice adventure tourism with the 28 jumps that are in this natural place.

Another couple of attractions worth your time are the waterfalls of Damajuagua, and the Ocean World, the largest dolphinarium in the Caribbean.

Stay in a Puerto Plata resort such as the Be Live Collection Marien, an all-inclusive hotel located in one of the most beautiful beaches there, the Golden Coast.

What are you waiting for, give your family the best Christmas present ever and let themlive Puerto Plata in a unique Caribbean way.