Harmful UV Rays Can Penetrate Your Car’s Side Windows

THURSDAY, May 12, 2016 (HealthDay News) — The front windshield of your car probably shields you from the sun’s UV-A rays as you drive, but the same may not be true for side windows, a new study finds. Experts have long known that prolonged exposure to ultraviolet A (UV-A) rays can raise the odds for skin cancer and cataracts. And with the long hours many Americans drive each day, one

Hacking industrial vehicles from the internet

It is possible to monitor and control float trucks, public bus or delivery vans from the internet, obtaining their speed, position, and a lot other parameters. You can even control some parameters of the vehicle or hack into the canbus of the vehicle remotely. Those vehicles have a Telematics Gateway Unit (TGU) device and a 3g/4g/gprs/lte/edge/HDSPA modem to connect to the internet, with a public I.P. address. There are thousands