Alpha investment regional seminar 2021

Dated 25th September 2021   The investment Seminar in Costa Rica is the first of its kind in the region. The sole aim of this Seminar was for our regional representatives to meet one on one with our investors and future investors and enlighten them on how Alpha investment group works. As a corporate firm, Alpha Invest Group deals in innovative products and Offers solutions across a wide range of

¿What is Euroxn and what are its advantages?

Euroxn is a platform where cryptocurrencies are traded through Bitcoin AND Ethereum. Each exchange offered by Bitcoin has a profit level of up to 100X, while the one offered by Ethereum is 50X. This exchange market is accessible to users from different parts of the world, including United States and Canada. Now that we know that Euroxn is an exchange market where cryptocurrencies predominate, let’s get to know everything about

Luxury holidays to Thailand – A nice country to visit in Asia

Considering Southeast Asia as your next tourist destination, one of the countries you should think about is Thailand. This amazing nation, which fascinating capital is Bangkok, limits with Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia, among others. With more than 500 thousand of square kilometers and around 70 million of inhabitants it occupies worldly the 50th position by total area and the 21st respect to the population. Its original name was Siam,

marbella apartments for sale

Buying a home is one of the objectives that people draw when they want to get married and start a family. To achieve this, you must go through certain procedures that must be performed in the purchase of the property. To be able to buy at Marbella apartments for sale, you must take certain factors such as bank loans, legal documents that must be in order. One of the most

Pay instantly by mobile: a tool for the daily life

Seeing how speedily know-how is progressing, often in just few months, ideas that would previously be evaluated as fanciful and impossible, such as intangible economic transactions, are now a simple request of applying logic to the problems we sometimes face and the possessed resources to solve them. What is the situation that is resolved with this particular method? Due to the accelerated pace of modern life and its fast and

Barcelona airport transfers

Many people when traveling, whether for pleasure or business, rent a means of transportation at the destination and keep it during the period there. Generally, trade is done from and to the port in question. However, if you prefer to be on professional chauffeur’s hands, who knows the city perfectly, then you should use Barcelona airport transfers. Agreement is usually wide and the firm will offer you cars according to

plastic container

Think of the most versatile material ever discovered or produced until now. It is obtained through an industrial process called polymerization that generates a lot of different goods useful for an uncountable number of services. It means, from it can be gotten a plastic container, bag, box, folder and much more. Of course, the reference is about the marvelous element manufactured from petroleum and the immense creativity of the human

New Big Player in the Label market: Miyakoshi Europe signs a collaboration agreement with Autajon Group

The Label market has now a new giant, since Autajon Group and Miyakoshi Europe have recently agreed a global collaboration. Because of this collaboration, Autajon Group has acquired a number of Miyakoshi machines. Each offset machine has a specific and fully bespoke configuration, determined by the particular job criteria at the plant where the machine will be used. The configuration parameters include offset, flexo, hot stamping, lamination, die-cutting and double die-cutting units satisfying all

Packaging machines

Process of a product development goes through core stages, dedicated to elaborate specifically what the customer finally seeks and buys. But all this work would not make sense if there was not a distribution phase. The promise that an article reaches consumers in optimum conditions, after being mobilized from the factory, depends in part on the packaging machines used. Quality assurance is common to the whole merchandise. Everything you want