Balloon over Bagan

Balloon over Bagan

Have you already planned your next trip to go in the holiday? It is never too late to consider inserting and adventurous activity in your trip or actually reconsider your trip to feeling the magin of Bagan. This is about an ancient city in Asia which is very popular for all of those more than 100 ancient temples which offer such a mystical atmosphere.

Actually nowadays, bagan has became to be more and more popular for one of the most mesmerizing recreational activities which gives all the tourists a thrill of a real adventure. Choose to have an unforgettable experience day by flying  and drifting to the skies in the basket of your balloons, being surrounded by all the other colorful ballons which create such a magical and breathtaking view.

Surely a trip into a balloon over Bagan will be capable to give you the thrill of one of the dramatic views of the ancient city. Booking your next trip into one of the most popular destinations in Asia should be in your bucket list if you are a passionate about advenures and would like to see the ancient temple complex of Asia right from the above of the roofs of these buildings. Of course, you would have the possibility to visit this city by foot and admire all the temples and stupas from the ground, but it is truly amazing to come across the images of all these colorful hot air balloons which are slowly floating over the thousands of old buildings.

If you are already taking into consideration visiting Bagan and getting into this rare experience you should think a lot about planning your trip very well. The schedule of the hot air balloon trip should be done somewhere between 10th of October and 10 th of April on every year. The reason for choosing this season for balloon floating is the cold breeze in the mornings and in the evenings that give the pilots the possibility to float right across the roofs of the ancient temple and offer the tourists a detailed view of the city. Especially the most chosen part of the day for this air trip is the sunrise because the moment of the sun waving above the world is something you could never experience every day.  Also for the passionates of photography, this time of the day is such an amazing moment to take some of their best shots cathcing the warm light of the sleeping sun into their objectives.

MyanMarvels is a team which is always available and happy to offer all the toruists a breathtaking thrill of an adventure by floating in hot air balloons from their fleet.