Enjoy Puerto Plata in the upcoming holidays

Embracing in activities that you can do with your family are always a good idea, and there is nothing more fun to do with the people you love than traveling. Traveling is always a very nourishing experience but doing it with your partner and children’s is beyond amazing, besides the point of the whole family learning new things together, discovering new places will be a memory no one in the

Puerto Plata is a great destination to relax and stop thinking of what causes you stress, this is the place to be at this time of year where all your worries will go away. Stop worrying about the cold and imagine yourself in paradise. This season is all about being with the ones you love. Making new memories by traveling to this fantastic place and have the trip you wished

Relax in Punta Cana in the most Caribbean way

Punta Cana is one of the most amazing paradise in the world, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit this incredible land year after year, and no wonder why, its gorgeous natural landscapes and its beautiful beaches with its turquoise crystalline water, makes this destination the perfect one when talking about leisure and relaxation. This superb land is in the Dominican Republic where the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean collides.

Luxury holidays to Thailand – A nice country to visit in Asia

Considering Southeast Asia as your next tourist destination, one of the countries you should think about is Thailand. This amazing nation, which fascinating capital is Bangkok, limits with Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia, among others. With more than 500 thousand of square kilometers and around 70 million of inhabitants it occupies worldly the 50th position by total area and the 21st respect to the population. Its original name was Siam,