Affordable healthy eating plan for seniors

Father and girl shopping groceries

Nutritional needs are not the same for everyone. Each age group has different requirements. Children for example are growing; their need for proteins in order to create new tissues is greater than those of an adult. Seniors have very specific needs and the fact that in most cases they are alone, taking care of they and in a budget, demands an affordable healthy eating plan.

There are several aspects to take into account when planning a healthy diet for a person that has reached 60 years or more. Among them:

In terms of quantity.  As one grows older, the capacity to ingest large meals decreases. It is recommended that several small meals be taken every day. Five meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus two or three snacks are recommended.

In terms of quality.  Meals for any person should always be balanced. In the case of seniors, balance should lean towards fresh fruits and vegetables that, among other things, are rich in vitamins and minerals. Proteins are needed in smaller amounts and low fat dairies are mandatory to help in the prevention of osteoporosis. On the other hand, the intake of solid fats and added sugars should be small.

Smart planning.  Planning is not only a task of balanced meals. It must take into account several factors, for example: (1) the health condition of the person to whom planning is directed. The conditions of teeth, the functionality of the gastrointestinal tract and the energy expenditure must be considered. (2) The choices of the person are very important. Some foods may be healthy, inexpensive, but if one does not like them they will not be eaten.

Planning must be done by the person that will eat the menus that are being planned unless a health condition prevents him from doing it. Budget is a very important aspect and that is why meal planning requires reading and studying, in order to learn about food alternatives that are equally nutritious but fall into different prize ranges.  An affordable healthy eating plan is possible; it just needs a little time.