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7 Gardening Tools the Pros Swear By

1. A trowel “You can’t plant anything without a good trowel. My favorite is the Victorian trowel from Dewit. Its tough, boron-steel blade makes digging holes or scooping potting soil a breeze and the sharpened front edge cuts through roots quickly. I’ve had one in my arsenal for years.” —Steve Bender, Senior Editor at Southern Living To buy: Dewit Victorian Trowel, $35, houzz.com. 2. Hand pruners “Every gardener needs a pair of

A Short History of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is being touted as the “next big thing” in technology. We’ve seen these before; depending on your age you may remember 3D television and film, the iPhone, the Walkman, MiniDisc, DAT, “smart” appliances, colour television, and movies with sound (“talkies”). Some of these caught on – I hear colour television is rather popular – while some failed spectacularly. With its wide range of applications, however, VR seems